Powerful Peace Radio with Lynnette Bukowski

Lynnette Bukowski is the Founder/Director of LZ-Grace Veterans Retreat Foundation, an Author, Artist and Ghostwriter, and recently retired from a 28 year career as a Paralegal, specializing in Capital Crimes, Family Law and Estate Administration.  She is the recent widow of a 32 year veteran Navy SEAL, Master Chief Steve S. Bukowski (Ret), the mother of three, and a therapeutic foster mother to 15 special needs children (now grown).

For more information about LZ-Grace Veterans Retreat, please visit www.lz-grace.com and the Facebook wall of the same name.

5 thoughts on “Powerful Peace Radio with Lynnette Bukowski

  1. Lynnette Bukowski

    Thank you so much for having me on Powerful Peace Radio, Rob. What a great experience! I truly look forward to having a permanent place for Powerful Peace Talks at LZ-Grace Veterans Retreat. How great will that be? You do good things, Brother. I hope to be able to share in making a dent in this universe. With much #Grace, ~Lynn

  2. Heidi Young

    Loved this interview with 2 people I admire so much. What a perfect blending – LZ Grace Veterans retreat and the Powerful Peace message. You two inspire me and without a doubt the ripples are spreading far and wide. Thanks for doing what you do Rob and Lynette!!


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